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We at GR8 Holding are driven by supporting great entrepreneurs to build strong companies while disrupting markets and developing new technology. Our ambition is to be the passive but engaged investor, supporting the companies with funding and assistance in partnerships and strategic decisions. We have solid experience working sucessfully with tech startups to gain momentum in the early phases of commercialization. We are always interested in investing in new exciting startups in tech and other domains - so don´t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in collaborating. 




Digitizing objects in real time

S3Di provides cutting edge 3D-scanners, enabling the users to digitize any object in any size, ranging from small objects using the Artec Eva to large objects and construction sites with the Artec Ray scanner. With a complete setup of 3D-scanners and editing software, S3Di aims to be the leading provider of 3D-scanners and 3D-scanning services in Scandinavia. 


Easy to use SLS 3D-printers

Wematter has developed a complete range range of products to reduce the competence and investment required to access high quality SLS 3D-prints. Wematters 3D-printer Gravity is best used for protptyping and serial production of small volume 



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